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Waring Commercial Logo


Waring, universally known for introducing the first blender in America, is one of today's leading manufacturers of professional appliances for the foodservice and laboratory industries.

Close shot of lineup of six different models of Waring food processors.
Dull chrome-finished Waring juicer in the background, two tall glasses of freshly squeezed orange and kiwi juice in the foreground.
Waring Bolt hand-held copper surrounded by chopped fresh herbs and spices.
Chrome-finished Waring coffee maker pours hot water into a ceramic teapot.
Silver Waring waffle maker in the background with two appetizing waffle ice-cram cones in the front.
Waring toaster oven with chrome finish warming a flatbread.
Two green-tinged chrome finished Waring panini presses side by side.

Decades of Expertise

Waring Commercial blue-tinged chrome finish electric mixer surrounded by an assortment of baked goods.

Waring Commercial offers high-performance, large-volume food processors and blenders, heavy-duty heating appliances such as grills, griddles, toasters and deep fryers, and a variety of specialty products. As a Solutions Specialist in the BLEND, PREP, COOK, and BREW categories, Waring strives to provide innovative, customized equipment to fulfill all of the industry’s unmet needs. With 80+ years of manufacturing expertise locally and globally, Waring is proud to offer continuously expanding collections of superior professional products.

Generic kitchen braising pan

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