Atlas Metal Industries, Inc.

For over 52 years, Atlas Metal Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of quality food serving equipment.

For over 52 years, Atlas Metal Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of quality food serving equipment. Since our founding in 1948, Atlas has been developing innovative designs that continue to be the specified standard used by many of the leading Food Service Consultants in the industry. Our company is dedicated to bringing top quality, affordably priced, and well-engineered products to the market place.

Whether you require a drop-in hot or refrigerated pan or complete modular serving system for your next design project, you can depend on the large inventory and quick delivery to satisfy your equipment and remodeling needs. You can always sell and specify the Atlas Metal Industries, Inc. product line with confidence.



Bread slicers, food processors, heavy-duty planetary mixers, and vacuum packing models

For over 100 years, Berkel has produced reliable equipment that chefs and operators depend on for consistently great results. Berkel’s unique combination of experience and innovation has made it a name synonymous with quality foodservice slicers, vacuum packaging equipment and more. Maximize your time in the kitchen. Choose Berkel. Berkel is associated with the Vulcan Food Equipment Group and is a division of the ITW Food Equipment Group.

In 1898, W.A. Van Berkel, a butcher in Rotterdam of the Netherlands, invented a way to slice more meat to better serve his customers. The result of his innovation was the world's first meat-slicing machine. It not only changed the way slicing was done in his butcher shop, it revolutionized the way people prepare food all over the world. By 1907, Berkel machines were being used in England, Belgium, France, Russia, China, Mexico and Canada.

In 1909, manufacturing of the first American machines began at the U.S. Slicing Machine Company in Chicago, IL. Six years later, the company had outgrown its space in Chicago, building a new factory in LaPorte, IN and changing its name to Berkel, Incorporated. Recently, Berkel relocated to its present location in Troy, OH.


Cold Zone

Indoor/outdoor refrigeration units.

ColdZone is the world's leading supplier of refrigeration equipment specifically for the foodservice industries, with packaged remote systems to individual condensing units, saving energy and using ozone-friendly refrigerants in applications from the smallest to the largest.

Working with the leader has many advantages, not the least of which is having access to a highly competent staff with a wealth of experience. ColdZone is "Your Refrigeration Partner", offering design assistance and CAD drawings to consultants, designers, architects, contractors, and facility owners.

ColdZone equipment is sold worldwide through professional food service representatives and is operating efficiently in many fine restaurants, institutional kitchens, sports arenas, fast food outlets, convenience stores, and more...


Cres Cor

Hot cabinets, ovens, utility cabinets, racks, and dollies.

When your business is on a roll we hope it's in Cres Cor's Best Cor Valu hot cabinets, ovens, utility cabinets, racks, dollies and a host of other Cres Cor favorites.

Cres Cor, a family owned company, has been a moving force in mobile FoodService history since 1936 and is centrally headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. With over 275,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities, we have made a company-wide commitment to unsurpassed reliability and superb customer service.

"Our focus is to continually bring new ideas and exciting, labor and money saving products to market" Says Cliff Baggott, Cres Cor president. "If you are well acquainted with Cres Cor, then we would like to touch base and say hello again. But if we are brand new to you, this is our opportunity to make a good first impression."


Federal Industries

Display cases.

Quality materials, precision craftsmanship, industry-leading innovation, and over sixty-five years of experience combine to create display cases with outstanding presentation features for all of your fresh food merchandising requirements.

Whether you're looking for a single refrigerated bakery case, a hot and cold deli line-up, or a complete custom bakery and deli system, the merchandising experts at Federal Industries will help you find exactly what you need. Federal Industries can shape a signature look for your store - individually tailored to your style and decor.

All of our products are manufactured at our headquarters in Belleville, Wisconsin, the heart of the Midwest. We take pride in offering quality-built, functional merchandising displays in a variety of styles--customizable to your specifications--to showcase your bakery, deli, and confectionery items.


Follett Corporation

Ice storage bins, ice storage and transport systems, ice and water dispensers and ice and beverage dispensers.

For over 50 years, Follett Corporation has led the industry in designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice storage and transport systems, ice and water dispensers and ice and beverage dispensers for the foodservice, healthcare and supermarket industries.

Our continuing goal to reach 100% customer satisfaction has resulted in equipment that provides outstanding innovation and design excellence to meet the specific needs of each facility. Our entire company is dedicated to providing the most customer-oriented service in the industry.


Gaylord Industries

Complete line of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and associated equipment.

In 1936 while working for Pacific Power and Light, Asa K. Gaylord was involved with the remodeling of Yaw's Restaurant, located in Portland, Oregon. In conversations with the owner, Mr. Win Yaw, Asa became aware of his particular kitchen ventilation and fire code problem. The problem intrigued Asa and in one evening, on a single piece of paper, developed a design for a totally new kitchen ventilation system - A system which would revolutionize the entire kitchen ventilation industry - "The Gaylord Ventilator" a high velocity grease extractor which removes grease, dust and lint from the airstream by centrifugal force. 

For more than 75 years, Gaylord has revolutionized kitchen ventilation with systems known for durability, dependability and meticulous attention to detail. Today, Gaylord continues with groundbreaking designs and innovative approaches to solving the two main priorities facing foodservice operators: energy savings and labor optimization.


Hobart Corporation

Mixers and slicers, warewashing equipment, cooking equipment, bakery equipment, refrigeration, and weighing and wrapping equipment.

Hobart is the world's leading innovator of food equipment, systems and service. We have been for more than 100 years. And because our expertise spans the entire industry, we know how a piece of equipment fits into your whole operation, not just a small part of it. That's probably why so many customers have so many good things to say about Hobart. And why you will too. 

Our equipment includes food machines such as mixers and slicers, warewashing equipment, cooking equipment, bakery equipment, refrigeration, and weighing and wrapping equipment. Our first product? The coffee mill, developed way back in 1897.


Perlick Corporation

Perlick Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative and quality customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions.

Family owned since 1917 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Perlick Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative, quality customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions. Perlick is a national manufacturing leader in commercial bar and beverage systems, residential undercounter refrigeration and brewery fittings.

Perlick's commercial line includes custom bar and beverage and refrigeration equipment, innovative underbar items, industry leading beverage dispensing equipment and time-tested brewery fittings. Our products optimize energy use and increase durability to help customers maximize the profitability of their beverage service operations.

Perlick’s award-winning, luxury residential product line features indoor and outdoor undercounter refrigerators, wine reserves, freezers, freezer and refrigerator drawers, ice makers, and beer dispensers.



Salvajor is a manufacturer of commercial waste disposers and waste handling systems for the food service industry.

Since the early 1940s, Salvajor has been a privately held Kansas City-based manufacturer of commercial waste disposers and waste handling systems for the food service industry. Salvajor products are specifically designed to save water and energy and provide a low maintenance sanitary alternative to other methods of waste disposal. Salvajor Collectors are widely accepted in areas that restrict the use of disposers and are safe to use with septic systems and grease interceptors. Salvajor is devoted to quality products, reliable service, and providing a comprehensive support system for all our customers.


Server Products

Server crafts market-driven point-of-use dispensing and holding equipment for foodservice operators.

Since 1949, Server has helped foodservice operators everywhere find smart, efficient and sustainable ways to serve fresh food, better. It began at the movie theater, where operators needed an easier way to melt and serve butter for their freshly popped popcorn. We went to work, designing the industry’s first automatic butter warmer and dispenser. Building on our success at the movies, we continued to work with foodservice operators to develop progressive dispensing and point-of-use equipment that solved their everyday serving challenges. Honesty and integrity helped nurture each new relationship, while reliable products and personal service kept the business growing.

Your everyday challenges are our top priority. If you need simple modifications to existing products, we can help. If you need customized products to meet a unique challenge, we’ll work with you to create the perfect fit for your operation. Plus, all of our products are proudly crafted in America with a guaranteed two-year warranty.


Somat Company

Pulping and dewatering systems.

Somat Company of Coatesville, Pennsylvania, an Illinois Tool Works Company, is a leader in solving one of the world's biggest problems. We are in the business of waste reduction technology, providing solutions with pulping and dewatering systems. Somat is an innovator and leader for both engineering and production of waste handling systems used throughout the world.

Our company has pioneered pulping and dewatering systems for foodservice waste in schools, hospitals, casinos, colleges, cafeterias, cruise ships and other mass feeding installations for nearly 50 years. 

Somat's dewatering presses are used in wastewater treatment plants; for sludge dewatering and thickening; as industrial dewatering presses; and for pre-conditioning liquid wastes ahead of belt presses. 

Our other specialty products are used for animal bedding disposal, for destruction of sensitive documents, for snack food waste dewatering, for pumice removal from waste water used for stone-washed jeans, for fiber recovery in fiberglass manufacturing and waste grinding on naval and seagoing vessels.


Stero Company

A full line of door, flight type and conveyor machines.

Leading Technology that will solve your dishwashing problems with a Full line of custom built systems.

  • Large straight and corner-model rack conveyor  
  • Systematic carousel system with integrated conveyors   
  • Flight-type warewashers   
  • Exclusive Tray Accumulator system   
  • Tray washers   
  • Utensil washers   
  • New water saving technology

This is what Stero can do to help: 

  • Analyze your operation   
  • Produce a unique system for your application   
  • Increase production without increasing labor   
  • The Stero system concept

Incorporates all dishroom cleanup elements: 

  • We build an accumulating conveyor STAC unit   
  • Warewashers  
into efficient productive systems that meet unique space and volume requirements.



Vulcan is among the world's largest manufacturers of commercial cooking equipment with worldwide distribution of the broadest lines of gas and electric equipment.

Masterful design. Precision performance. State-of-the-art innovation. For 150 years, Vulcan has been recognized by chefs and operators throughout the world as best-in-class supplier for its top-quality, energy efficient foodservice equipment solutions that consistently produce spectacular results. Trust Vulcan's professional restaurant equipment to help make your culinary creations turn out just right—each and every time.

Our history can be traced back to 1865 and a foundry company in Louisville, Kentucky that manufactured cooking stoves and other products. That operation would later become part of the Hart Manufacturing Company. The Vulcan name first appeared in 1890 with the formation of the Vulcan Gas Heating Company. Through the early 20th century, both companies grew and continued to add product lines.

In 1949, Vulcan-Hart was formed when Hart Manufacturing Company acquired the Vulcan name and line of commercial products. The new company continued to expand its product lines, both through acquisitions and through research and development. Today, Vulcan is among the world's largest manufacturers of commercial cooking equipment, with worldwide distribution of the broadest lines of gas and electric equipment.



Wolf manufactures a line of commercial gas ranges, griddles, fryers, and ovens for sale to food equipment dealers.

For more than 80 years, Wolf commercial cooking equipment has provided the foodservice industry with simple, trouble-free performance, exceptional durability and outstanding energy efficiency. In even the most demanding kitchen environments, depend on Wolf’s hardworking, easy-to-use products to deliver the superior value your operation needs to succeed. Wolf is associated with the Vulcan Food Equipment Group and is a division of the ITW Food Equipment Group.

The Wolf Range Company was established in 1934 by brothers Al and Hyman Wolf. Their Los Angeles business began by repairing domestic ranges, and rebuilding used ranges for resale.

One day, almost by accident, Al discovered that equipment they had modified for a customer was being sold to restaurants. Soon after, the brothers entered the restaurant equipment industry.

By 1938, the company was manufacturing a line of commercial gas ranges, griddles, fryers and ovens for sale to food equipment dealers in eleven western states.

Over the years, the Wolf name has become synonymous with quality products and customer service.

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