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At Hollowick we are dedicated to providing reliable, fine quality products that enhance the dining experience. Our high performance lighting and heating products are designed specifically for demanding food service use. We proudly manufacturer and stock our liquid candle and chafing fuel items in Central New York State, our home and headquarters since `97`.

On the left electric remote controlled candles, on the right blue-gradient frosted glass candle holder.
Frosted glass candle holders containing homely burning candles.
Delicate glass votives glowing warmly.
White frosted glass candle holders in a tapered square shape.

Advancement and Innovation

Glass candle votives in a rustic setting

We pride ourselves on innovation and have been at the forefront of many of the most significant advancements in table lighting and cooking fuel products including: refillable liquid candle systems, disposable liquid candles, highlight candles, tealight and votive-sized liquid candles and adjustable heat chafing fuel.

Generic kitchen braising pan

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